Performance Dashboard: Managing Performance Reviews

When it comes time to create an employee's performance review, you will be able to view several key inputs to assist you in completing the review:

If any of these elements are available for you to view while creating the review, the respective symbol associated with the input will appear next to the review criteria to which it pertains. You may use the comments from any of these elements (performance journal entries, goal journal entries, self reviews or contributor reviews) into your own employee review.

Note: You will not be able to complete employee performance reviews unless a review period is currently active.


To access and navigate the Reviews tab of the Performance Dashboard:

1.   On the Menu, click HR Administration > Performance Management.

The Performance Management Dashboard page displays.

2.   Click on the Reviews tab.

3.   If desired to see items requiring action for a different review year, alternate manager, or team of employees, use the respective Review Year, View As, Show filter options to update the displayed items.

4.   Use the Review Status filters to refine the items on the Reviews tab to performance reviews matching your desired criteria.

5.   To change the sorting order, hover over a column header and click on the displayed arrow to choose to sort that column by ascending or descending order.

6.   Click the Actions button to choose to perform any of the following items from the actions drop-down list:

Bulk Submit

Bulk Approve

Bulk Reject

Bulk Delete

Bulk Deliver to Employee

Bulk Suppress-Reviews

Remove Review Suppression

Invite to Self-Review

Invite Contributors

Change Reviewer

Create Off-Cycle Review

Show/Hide Columns

7.   To create or open an existing performance review for an employee, click on the employee's name in the list of displayed items.


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