Social Security No: If you are an outside contractor, use your SSN or your company's EIN. If these numbers are not successsful, contact the company's HR department to request the unique number assigned to you in lieu of a normal SSN.
Home Zip Code: You must match your residence zip code on file with your employer. If you have recently moved, try using the zip code associated with your old residence.
Birth Date: If you are an outside contractor, it is possible that the company has not used your actual date of birth in this field. Contact the HR department to determine the date that is listed in your user records.
The information provided does not match your employee personnel record. Please verify each entry on the form to ensure it is entered correctly and matches the formatting requirements of the specific field.
If you believe that all the information provided on the authentication page is correct, please contact your internal HR Department to confirm that information on your personnel record is up-to-date.
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